If kids ruled the world, we would all be friends

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A little about us

Kids4Kids – is non-political/non-profit kids-led initiative. Our goal is to provide an easy and transparent solution for kids to help other kids suffering around the world through art.

What we do

Different ways to help

Not into buying NFTs? well that is not the only way you can contribute and help those in need.

Enroll your school

For all the children out there, draw your pieces of art and upload them to our website, where we will convert them to NFTs to be sold.

Mint a drawing

Love a drawing we have or you really want to help out? Buy our NFT and not only share the art but donate too.


Take the easiest way out and simply donate some of your crypto to us, to be sent to those in need.

How to help

Direct Donation

Your one drawing can make a difference.
We want to thank everyone that bought ETH Collection 1

If you’d like to make a direct ETH donation, you can send it to the address below:


Mint a drawing

How to mint

Buying an NFT is as easy as 1,2,3… 4

  • 1. Buy Crypto at your favourite exchange
  • 2. Send it to your wallet
  • 3. Connect to your crypto wallet
  • 4. Click on MINT NFT Or Go to Opensea.io and trade your favorite ones.

Supporting Institutions

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Mexican Embassy