Our Story

Our story began in early 2022, when Mik [age: 7, in Australia] was at home trying to help a Ukrainian refugee family feeling from the war, who had a child around the same age. Mik was concerned that this kid  was lonely and afraid of loosing his home, his friends, his school and not knowing what will happen to him or where his life will be like moving forward. Mik thought to himself, how could he put a smile on this stranger’s face? Mik loves drawing, so he made a piece of art in order to show him that he has a new friend who wanted him to smile. Then we mailed it.

When Mik found out that his artwork was very positively received, he realized that there was an opportunity to spread more love and happiness to other kids in similar situations. After we discussed that there were millions of families with kids in this situation, he said “OHHH that’s a lot of drawings!”
We then brainstormed how we could crowdsource more genuine pieces of art to put more smiles on many more kids around the world and connect Kid-Artists with kids in need. Mik had an idea to see if his school and other schools would be interested to make more pieces of art.

Then he and his friends came up with the idea of turning the drawings into NFTs, which can be used to raise money for more children in need …and the rest is history ?

How you can help


Connect your wallet – Click Mint K4K NFT


Buy a unique child-drawn NFT


Tell your friends with companies or schools to join our efforts.

Win-Win-Win Strategy

So who wins out of this?

Displaced Families & Kids

They get physical pieces of art and donations to show them they have friends around the world and financial support for whatever their needs may be.

Young Artists

They get the opprtunity to contribute art to a great cause and enjoy knowing that they are making a genuine difference through their own talents by helping others.

Adults & Businesses

They can contribute by purchasing beautiful and unique NFTs hand-crafted by one of our kid artists.  These funds are then directly sent to the treasury wallet, which is then deployed to affected areas around the globe. The treasury is run by the advisory board under a Multisignatory wallet, all assets are traceable on etherscan, funds will be deployed after each collection is 95% sold out, 10% of raised funds will be used for operating costs and 90% will be donated to children organizations in need (first collection is dedicated to refugee children in Ukraine, funds can go towards, food, education, toys or housing) pending on what is exactly needed at the time of funds deployment and publicly shared with the community, allocation will be decided by the advisory board with input from the children and guidance from the Ukrainian embassy.


Through Kids4Kids schools can teach their students strong values, encourage healthy expression through art, help other kids around the world to see that their future is bright, and educate kids about the benefits of Web 3.